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A healthy snack during the holidays?

Choose a mandarin! A mandarin contains only 16 calories and contains many fibres and vitamins. Mandarins contain a lot of vitamin C. This vitamin supports the immune system and helps to reduce tiredness. The mandarin owes the orange colour to the amount of carotenoids (source of vitamin A) in it. Vitamin A is good for 

Do you have cold feet in the winter?

A reduced blood circulation could be the cause of this. The temperature of the environment has an influence on the feet. When the weather is cold, the blood vessels in the skin draw together to escape as little heat as possible. The contraction is so strong that blood circulation reduces by some people. There are 

Free gift from the sint!

Untill the 6th of December you will receive 10% discount from the Sint on the whole productrange. Use discountcode: sinterklaas10 during the checkout.  

The week of stress at work!

Stress situations occur very often at work. The campaign ‘check your stress at work’ has been launched to make employers and employees aware of the possible consequences of too much stress at work. The aim is to discuss the topic of stress at work. Did you know that folic acid contributes to the resistance of 

Moustache for Movember?

Movember is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues. The Movember Foundation asks men during the month of November to grow their mustache to attract attention and raise funds for charity. The purpose of movember is to change “the face of the 

It’s vitamin D day!

Vitamin D Day is a day to recognize vitamin D deficiency as a world problem, Did you know that vitamin d contributes to a good resistance and is important for the functioning of the muscles? Receive 25 % discount on all vitamin D products until the 5 th of November. Use coupon code “vitamind” Take 

Ready for the wintertime?

In the night of Saturday 28 October on Sunday 29 October, the winter time begins. The Clock goes an hour back. So you can sleep or pary one hour longer! Changing the clock also shows a change in your sleep rhythm. Can you use some help with that? Melatonin helps to fall Asleep faster.

It’s Autumn Break!

In large parts of the country we are awarded with a beautiful autumn sun. Are you going to get some sun the upcoming days? Vitamin D will be produced by exposing the skin to the sun. With too little exposure to sunlight, it is important to take extra vitamin D. For example consuming food from 

Iodine: why ?

Iodine is a mineral which is not very common in nutrience. It is therefore added by food manufacturers to food such as, salt, salt in bread, bread substitutes and some meat products. There are also food supplements available with iodine. The nutrient iodine contributes to a normal production of thyroid hormones and to a normal 


By some diets, the feeling of hunger may increase or a lack of energy will be created because of the consumption of less calories than normal. Healthy and varied food is also important during these diets. In addition to the diet, it is possible to take a supplement. Glucomannan is a fibre that is obtained 

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